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Thursday, May 20, 2010


London may be the coolest city I've ever been to - a shining example of what a city can be like when funded and governed well by thoughtful humanists (Hume-anists?). Our friends put us up in their Wimbledon flat. One of them, Harry, has a beard, as the photo makes clear. It was my idea to check out Highgate cemetery. Though I had no dead people in mind to visit, the first tomb to surprise us was Douglas Adams'. We might not have noticed it but for the plastic toys on top and the pens stuck in the turf. I gave Petya my only pen so she could plant one. One thing among many that I liked about Adams was that (I heard) he had to be locked into a hotel room by his agent and publisher before he would consent to write anything.

The next grave - very fresh - had a wooden board with 'MM' carved into it. Once, in 1997, I bought a Malcom Mclaren cd. It contained MM singing and molesting Puccini melodies. That may be the very last thing I ever purchased from the music industry.

We were heading towards the exit when the head of Karl Marx appeared, the size, shape, and color of a NASA weather balloon. Flowers lay strewn about the place where his genitals would have been if they'd given him a statue that went down that far. The strains of 'The Internationale' were coming from - i thought - a hidden speaker in Marx's chin, but we the saw a chinese couple fingering the four sides of the monument, and Petya noted with supreme disgust that the old song was coming from the little maoist's cell phone. I went over and took the phone away from him, sneering, "Silly Maoist, this is for capitalists!" All of this is true except maybe the last part there. Maybe.

And then we saw and did everything else worth seeing and doing in London.


  • hey eli, are you a dady now??? anita

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 1:20 PM  

  • Anita: Yeah, he is a daddy. A great one, indeed.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 1:59 PM  

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